The Art and Science of Aquaria

About this Effort

So far this is Richard Sexton's effort to illustrate the NSF funded Catalog of Fishes by Eshemeyer et. al. If this project should gain momentum there are plants to scale this up with some preliminary structure.

Conceivably this or subsets thereof could be printed as books with various media: ebook, field guilds, desk reference and so on. We live in an era where the local library has a book press and books on demand are as had now as going out for a coffee.

First I gotta finish this thing.

In addition, in 1986 I created the first tropical fish mailing list ("killies@mejac") and the first aquarium newsgroup ("alt.aquaria") and the second one ("sci.aquaria") a bit later which was well received and for a while we kept track of all of the aquarium information on the Internet in a set of documents. This idea fell apart when the guy doing it got bored, plus the cost of disk back then was very high.

So, now I'm keeping track of significant advances in the hobby and filing them in the appropriate places. I don't know if this is of any use in the long term, but I find it interesting.

Richard Sexton, July 2017