The Art and Science of Aquaria
Families within the Siluriformes

Siluridae Pterocryptis
Siluridae Kryptopterus

Glass cats and sheathfish


(As for the name "vampire fish" that swims into the urinary tract of human bathers...") this is a total lie, not true. This is a history been told for nearly 100 years (or more), but never ever happened. Ask everyone who went with me to the Amazon. If they had a proof on this video they would shown it, they just show something anyone can do, and talk about it - all fake (like so often in videos/films). The only thing this Vampire catfish (parasitic fish) does, is suck the blood from other fishes by swiming into their gills (even Discus), as shown in my volume 1 of Bleher's Discus pages 226-227. And the other fish does not get harmed by that, nor ever dies. - Heiko Blehr.